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Chiara e Fedez “Grazie 2017”

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Un anno speciale pieno di sorprese, novità e tanti progetti per la coppia di innamorati Chiara Ferragni e Fedez. Carriera al top, amore a gonfie vele, primo figlio in arrivo e presto sposi, la fashion blogger e il rapper ringraziano il 2017 con un lungo messaggio sui social. Fedez: “Il riassunto del mio 2017!- Dall’uscita del disco al tour 🔥– Dalla proposta di matrimonio all’Arena di Verona all’arrivo di Leo ️- Dal video di Senza Pagare a casa di Paris Hilton a Martin Garrix che dice “130 di vola!” 😅Un anno incredibile, e ora 2018 tocca a te. Vedi di spaccare!”. E Chiara: “2017 was my year of growing. Not only the year I turned 30 but, more than ever, the year I took responsabilities. To buy my first house in Los Angeles, to open my first stores, to get engaged, to take over my company and to become a mother. How did this all happen so fast? I don’t even know. I guess step by step, only focusing on what has always made me happy: people I love and the job I created for myself. I’ve learnt to accept myself in my strenght and to also embrace my weaknesses, because “life is made of small moments like this”. This is a tattoo I’ve had on my right hand since February and It explains my whole idea of existence: not every moment is perfect, but even the worst times will teach you a lesson for future happiness. So don’t only cheer to personal achievements or a moment of pure bliss but try to embrace the times of confusion and insecurity because life is like that for everybody: nobody queues for a flat rollercoaster. At the end of the day, the love I give and the love I get is what makes me proud of the woman I’ve became. I have so much to be thankful for this 2017 I could explode from happiness, and I’m sure I will transform it in a positive fuel that will make me go stronger. I’ll always love fiercely, and stop along the way to take photos. Can’t wait to give my best in 2018 and to meet the person I’ll love the most in the whole world. See you soon Leo, and bye to the best 365 days of my life, yet”. Guarda anche: Chiara vacanze romane – Chiara il pancino cresce – Chiara fashion party per i 30 – Chiara insegnante ad Harvard